Visual Recommendations

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    Increased Customer Engagement Time

Case Studies

ABLY : The AI That Dramatically Increased Monthly Active Users.

Having a differentiated competitiveness in the fierce e-commerce market is the goal of all e-commerce businesses. Ably found through customer analysis that over 90% of their customers spend a lot of time searching for similar products. Due to the nature of their platform, with a large number of products and brands, finding desired clothing took too much time. Are you curious about how they dramatically reduced their 'churn rate' by improving the inconvenient customer journey? Discover the Visual Recommendations solution that Ably's users have praised and spared no compliments about.

Recommend The Most Visually Similar Items

Increase purchase rate by recommending visually similar products to the one that is currently being viewed. Using metadata such as 'most viewed products,' it is possible to recommend products again within the recommended product list. Demonstrate your understanding of individual buyer’s preferences to strengthen your relationships.

Reduce Bounce Rates and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Even when a product is out of stock, you can still satisfy customers by using the Omnious 'Visual Recommendations' AI to recommend a perfectly similar product.

Implement Visual Recommendations solution to increase your click-through rate and conversion rate!

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