We are dedicated to building a future where AI-powered commerce is a reality for all, driving e-commerce growth, innovation, and new possibilities for businesses and individuals alike

Meet our leadership

  • CEO
    Jaeyoung JunCEO & Co-founderLinkedIn
  • CTO
    Juncheol ParkCTO & Co-founderLinkedIn
  • COO & Co-founder
    Yunhun JangCOO & Co-founderLinkedIn
  • VP & Co-founder, Lead of AI Research
    Hyungwon ChoiVP & Co-founder, Lead of AI ResearchLinkedIn
  • VP, Lead of Product
    Namjung ParkVP, Lead of ProductLinkedIn

Our Leadership Perspectives

  • The transformative power of AI-powered commerce: Exploring the benefits and opportunities that AI-powered commerce can bring to businesses and individuals, including increased efficiency, more personalized experiences, and new avenues for growth and innovation.
  • Innovation and the future of AI-powered commerce: Exploring emerging trends and technologies in AI-powered commerce, and considering how these innovations will shape the future of commerce as a whole.
  • Democratizing access to AI-powered commerce: Discussing the importance of making AI-powered commerce accessible to businesses of all sizes and individuals from all backgrounds, and exploring strategies for achieving this goal.
  • Creating a sustainable future with AI-powered commerce: Discussing the role that AI-powered commerce can play in driving sustainable economic growth and development, and exploring ways to ensure that this growth is both inclusive and environmentally responsible.

Our investors

  • MIRAE ASSET Venture Investment
  • LF
  • KP Korea Investment Partners
  • Enlight Ventures
  • mashup angels

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